Santiam Flycasters

The California Heritage Trout Challenge
with James Gruetzman

Thursday, May 9, 7 p.m.

James Gruetzman holds a large trout

James Gruetzman, our very own local trout whisperer, is not just your average angler. He's a trout-taming virtuoso!

With a tackle box full of adventures, James has conquered trout challenges from coast to coast, reeling in victories like the California Heritage Trout Challenge, Wyoming Cuttslam Challenge, Utah Cutthroat Slam, Nevada Native Fish Slam, Arizona Trout Challenge, and proudly wearing the crown of The Master Caster Award from the Western Native Trout Challenge.

James will discuss the California heritage trout challenge at our meeting.

Pre-meeting fly tying demonstration: Clark's Stonefly with Lee and Gerry Clark

Starting no later than 6 p.m., Lee and Gerry Clark will demonstrate how to tie the Clark’s Stonefly.

Clark’s Stonefly should work well on our June 1 Deschutes River outing if the renowned stoneflies are hatching. The pattern is fairly simple to tie, so learn how to tie the pattern and tie some of your own before that outing. So, come early and watch their demonstration.

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