Santiam Flycasters

Fly Fishing Field Day

Thursday, June 14, 6 p.m.

At our June 14 club meeting, we will have several activities for you to participate in and enjoy, including casting, fly tying demonstrations, basic knowledge and instruction about the sport, and a swap meet.

At 6 p.m., Keith Burkhart and Ron Hublitz will demonstrate some casting on the lawn, but will mostly help anyone with their casting, including beginners. Bring your own rod or you can probably borrow one to use.

By 7 p.m., we will have the fly tying activities and swap meet going inside the building.

For fly tying, we will have several experienced tyers tying a pattern of their choice. This is an opportunity to learn to tie a new pattern, maybe pick up some tips on tying, or to learn about a different fishing destination. For beginning or newer tyers, we will also have a couple of people who can explain the basic tying equipment, materials, and processes and will help you tie a woolly bugger or other basic fly pattern.

For the swap meet, members may bring items, from fly fishing or other outside activities, to sell. We will have tables available in the side room. Mark the price and seller’s name on each item for sale. Buyers will deal directly with the seller. We just suggest that the seller donate about 10% of the sale price to the club.

We hope that you will come and enjoy this great opportunity to improve your casting, visit with friends, maybe learn a new fly pattern or destination, and acquire something new (to you) to enjoy and use.

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