Santiam Flycasters

Advanced Dry Fly Fishing
Nate Brumley

Thursday, March 8, 7 p.m.

Nate Brumley of Dry Fly Innovations

Hey Santiam Flycasters!

I'm Nate Brumley with Dry Fly Innovations. Just want you to know I'm elated to present at your club meeting. The title is "Advanced Dry Fly Fishing" and is loaded with strategies and tactics to hook big fish on a dry fly. I will also provide instruction on how to fish out of the hatch, selecting the right bug, and understanding hatch phases. The secrets shared in this presentation could change the way you dry fly fish forever.

Your club member, Jerrold, and I have had several conversations. He thinks I'm one of the happiest people he's ever met. It's like I told him, "If you dry-fly fished for 150 days a year, you'd be smiling too!"

I look forward to meeting all of you. Before my arrival, you might want to review our two new dry fly books, Addicted to the Rise, and Winter on a Dry Fly.

Many thanks for the opportunity to present to your club.


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