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Fishing the Kootenai and Yaak Rivers in Northwestern Montana
Tim Flagler

March 11, 7 p.m. Zoom Meeting

Tim Flagler

Tim Flagler will discuss using an outfitter to explore and fish the rugged and beautiful Kootenai and Yaak river drainages in northwestern Montana. Tim is partnered with Linehan Outfitters, who are based in Troy, Montana and recent winners of the Orvis Flyfishing Outfitter of the Year award.

He will take us on an incredible journey into these remote yet not-too-distant drainages. The drive time from the Salem area is about 9 hours. Imagine five days of fishing from a drift boat without seeing another soul as well as wading miles of crystal clear alpine streams and never encountering another fly fisher. That is what it is like on the Kootenai and Yaak Rivers.

Flagler, who with his wife, Joan, operate Tightline Productions, a fishing and fly tying video production company based in New Jersey.

Tim will be on hand to answer any questions we may have regarding the trips themselves as well as providing other pertinent information that relates to fishing in this area, such as seasonal hatches, best times to fish up that way and a lot more.

Tim will join us via Zoom webconference. Members will receive a link to the meeting a few hours prior to meeting time. For details on how to join, please review our newsletter.

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