Santiam Flycasters

The salmonfly hatch and its not-so-subtle nuances
Josh Linn

May 13, 7 p.m. Zoom Meeting

Josh Linn

This month we welcome back Josh Linn from Royal Treatment Fly Fishing who will speak to us about one of the most spectacular insect hatches of the year: the salmonfly hatch of late spring. Josh will talk to us about his experiences guiding the salmonfly hatch for the past 20 years and the tips and trips that have helped him to be successful.

Josh is a native Oregonian who has been flyfishing for most of his life and over the years has been mentored by many gifted anglers. Jeff has returned the favor as a respected guide and casting instructor. He has fished all over the world but his first love is chasing steelhead around the Pacific Northwest and, locally, the Sandy and the Deschutes rivers are his main steelhead stomping grounds.

Josh will join us via Zoom webconference. Members will receive a link to the meeting a few hours prior to meeting time. For details on how to join, please review our newsletter.

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