Santiam Flycasters

Casting Clinic
with Dwight Klemin

Thursday, August 12, 6:30 p.m.

Fly casting instrutor teaching two people

The Club is offering two clinic sessions at Wallace Marine Park in the first paved parking lot:

  1. Presenting Your Fly (single hand rods)
    Clinic will focus on several ways to present your fly effectively. Every fish presents options to present your fly. This Clinic offers several possible casts like reach, parachute, can learn to become effective on the water. The clinic does a quick refresher on casting basics then moves to presenting your fly. Bring a fly rod with a leader (No Flies Please). The Club has rods if needed.
  2. Two-hand Spey Casting Clinic (Two-hand rods)
    Clinic will focus on basic fundamentals of the switch cast which is the heart of ALL spey casts. The last half of the clinic focuses on the Single, Double, Snap T, Snake Roll positioning moves before the final presentation of the fly which is the basic switch cast. Spey casts are name by the repositioning move. These four casts cover the needed casts to be effective in all situations on the water. Bring your spey rod outfit. No club rods available. No fly (yarn will be available).
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