Santiam Flycasters

Travels since leaving Oregon
with Chip O'Brien

Thursday, February 9, 7 p.m.

Chip O'Brien ties a fly.

Since departing the Salem area over six years ago for Spokane, WA (five grandkids there), Chip O'Brien has explored Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska (in addition to lots more fun in Oregon and California).

Chip had to cut back a bit on writing for fly fishing magazines while beating cancer and caring for his wife, who became disabled. He fished his way through these life challenges and has only had to slow down a little. He found himself with too much time on his hands (retired from teaching), so now he has a real job and works in a Spokane fly fishing shop.

Chip writes, "Like the programs I was honored to present you with while I was a Santiam Flycasters member, this is going to be a quick run through a long list of dazzling fishing locations. (You might want to take notes!) The idea is to show you some great places you might wish to consider yourselves."

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