Santiam Flycasters

2018 Club Outings

The club hosts a meal at official outings. Look for details in the monthly newsletter.

No outing is planned for December.

  • Winema

    Winema Lake

  • Detroit Lake

    Detroit Lake

  • Deschutes River

    Deschutes River (Pinetree-Beavertail)

  • McKenzie River

    McKenzie River (Hendricks-Hayden)

  • Olalla Reservoir

    Olalla Reservoir

  • Davis Lake

    Davis Lake

  • Metolius River

    Metolius River

  • East Lake

    East Lake

  • McKenzie River

    McKenzie River (Hayden Bridge-Armitage Park)

  • Three Creek Lake

    Three Creek Lake

  • Willamette River - Salem

    Willamette River (Keizer Rapids-Wheatland Ferry)

  • Little Nestucca River

    Little Nestucca River

  • Hosmer Lake

    Hosmer Lake

  • Bronzeback

    Umpqua River (Elkton)

  • Owyhee River

    Owyhee River

  • Crooked River

    Crooked River

  • Willamette River

    Willamette River (Marshall Island - Harrisburg)

  • Detroit Lake

    Detroit Lake

  • Devil's Lake

    Devil's Lake

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