Santiam Flycasters

April 2014

John Bartlett - "Carp on the Fly"

John Bartlett

One of the more remarkable developments in flyfishing in recent years has been the exploding popularity of flyfishing for carp. As a species, carp are surprisingly difficult to hook and even harder to land.The unique challenges they present to a flyrodder have turned carp into the fastest growing segment of the flyfishing industry.

Santiam Flycasters is pleased to welcome noted carp on the fly expert John "Montana" Bartlett. John is one of the country's leading authorities on how to catch big carp on a fly. He is a current Pro Staffer at, presents at fly clubs and shops throughout Oregon and Washington and his blog Carp on the Fly is one of the most popular carp hangouts on the web.

Come join us and learn more about these plentiful, challenging, and very large fish!

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